Jan. 8th, 2009

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And yes, it hurts.

For a while I have been thinking about starting a commune. Before you start assuming that I am talking about a 60's free love, pot growing, dreamcatcher making dismal failure of a commune, I am referring to a partnership of mature adults (I am sure there are a couple in the world) sharing the costs of living in modern society and providing more support to each other than roommates. While we as a society (goddamn American dream) tend to focus on that "picket fence" ideal, what about those of us that don't see that type of existence in our future? And how is this different from just roommates? In most of my roommate experinces, it was a matter of people living together, but seperate. I will attempt to explain.

One of the best roommates I had was my friend Steve. We split costs pretty well and worked out a good method for splitting food and alcohol costs (they were pretty much equal, yes we drank a lot). Even though I don't think I would go into that exact situation again, the important factor is that we didn't have "yours and mine" when it came to food and drink....it was "our. All apartment cleaning was done on the same day, we split tasks as we started and it worked well. So well that visitors would question the exact nature of our relationsh when they saw how clean the place was. We also took turns cooking. It worked well.

Contrast this to other roomies I have had where we have split use of the fridge, time in the kitchen to cook seperate meals, unclear cleaning expecations and so on.

Now imagine the situation I described with former roomie Steve and expand it to a few more people in a house. Share the costs of housing as just roomies would, add in shared food costs, cooperative meal sharing anfd so on and it becomes attractive if you can find the right people. Now what if the commune was set up as a legal entitiy and the members paid into the legal entity. Perhaps that group could own a home that none could afford seperately.

Anyway, just something I have been kicking around in my empty skull.


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